The Expand field allows a report to automatically expand any tree items summarized by the row in the Line Definition. These will appear as additional rows on any report using the Line Definition.


Options for the Expand field are:

      Blank (default) – Do not expand the row.

      Above – Show expanded rows above the Summary Item.

      Below – Show expanded rows below the Summary Item.


You must use this option in conjunction with the Levels and the Expanded Line Format fields:

      Use the Levels field to define how many branches deep in a tree to expand the summary line. Selecting either “Above” or “Below” will set the Level setting to 1 by default.

      Use the Expanded Line Format field to specify the format options for the expanded lines using the Format Expanded Lines dialog. The Parent Format information is included read-only mode for referential purposes and shows only those format options specifically set on the summary row. The Expanded Format column allows you to change how any expanded row’s formatting appears.


Note: If the Line Expansion Fields checkbox is not checked on the context ribbon, this field will not appear in the Line Definition workspace.